YOUTUBE TAKEOFF: How to Start a YouTube Channel with a Growth Trajectory

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel to attract visitors to your blog, increase your mailing list, and expand your revenue!  

YouTube can exponentially grow your blog and business.  

In November 2018, I attended a conference and a Google representative said that by 2023, more than 80% of the Internet's traffic would be VIDEO. This figure shocked me and I knew I had to start creating video content. I did not want my blog to get left behind. So in December 2018, I decided to get serious about creating quality video and growing my YouTube channel, which I had opened when I started my blog but had languished alone and forgotten. In nine months, I created and released 60 videos on my channel, increasing my subscribers to 100k, my YouTube ad income to $2500/month, and my monthly watch time to 4 million minutes. 

As of October 1, 2019, just 10 months into my YouTube adventure, I'm at 117k subscribers and $3,432/month from YouTube advertising alone!

More importantly, that now-active YouTube channel increased my blog traffic and my income. Between December 2018 and October 2019, my blog pageviews tripled and my overall monthly income increased five-fold from five to six figures. YouTube was drawing new people to me that I wasn't able to reach otherwise, and I was adding them to the fold by getting them onto my mailing list.  

Need more convincing of the power of YouTube? Here's what having a successful channel has done to EVERYTHING for my blog and business:

My blog before and after YouTube

Honestly, these graphs shock even me and I'm living it day to day.

I can teach you how to grow your YouTube channel so that it gets seen and attracts people to your blog, too! This step-by-step quick start course teaches you the importance of creating a YouTube channel, how to pick the right niche and keyword that will attract people, how to plan your channel for growth with formats and conversion goals, and how to create videos that attract and resonate.

My blog and my entire life have been forever changed by my YouTube channel!


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Why Your Blog NEEDS to be on YouTube in 2020!

1. Google owns YouTube. Thus, Google loves video and prioritizes it in search results. I can put out a video and see it shoot right to the top of their search results within hours. My actual post will take days, weeks, or even months to appear near the top, and that's only when I do a good job at targeting the right keywords strategically.  

2. You can make a YouTube video first and then make a blog post from it easier! (This is what I do.)  

3. Google loves to see a relevant YouTube video embedded in your post! According to one study I read, you're 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a relevant YouTube video embedded on your post. It should be YOUR video.  

4. YouTube can generate revenue for you. (Last month my videos made $3538.88 on YouTube.)  

5. YouTube can get you noticed in ways that blogs alone cannot. If getting the attention of brands and industry leaders is part of your plan (as it really should be), you need to be on YouTube.  

6. YouTube is an excellent discovery search engine. I tripled my blog's pageviews when I got serious about getting videos onto YouTube.  

7. Your YouTube videos can increase your reach. All of these wonderful people who discover you and come to trust you through your videos will pay attention when you have a solution to their problems! My revenue increased five-fold after getting serious about video.  

8. The next generation turns to video for answers to their problems, and you want to be there when they look. This is NOT a trend that is going away. Don't get left out. 9. YouTube allows your people to see and hear YOU, connecting you with your reader much better and building trust.  

10. 90% of 18-44 year old American internet users watch videos on YouTube. That's TWO BILLION active monthly users. Think about it. Nearly everyone we know is watching YouTube.  

11. On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-49 during prime time than ANY cable network does in an average week. It's the new TV.  

12. YouTube channels are accessible to anyone with a way to record video (which is most of us these days thanks to smartphones). You don't have to be a big name to be big on YouTube.  

13. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and is the second most trafficked website behind Google.  

14. YouTube has a built-in audience. My videos are being seen more frequently by NEW viewers, people who've never heard of my blog.  

15. YouTube is STILL growing. This is the perfect time to get started. Video IS the future.

Learn from someone who has been where you are.

Here is some of the feedback my YouTube video viewers have offered me in the past six months:

"This is just amazing. I can't get over how calm and soothing you are, and yet easily watchable." — Bagheera

"Wonderful, amazing, Great!!! THANK YOU You're number one! Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thank you!" - Sue

"Well,’ve done it again! Thank you so much. I love your videos! You inspire us all."

You can get comments like this, too. And I can show you how.  

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WELCOME & INTRODUCTION Why Make a YouTube Channel? (Video + Transcript) My Journey to 100k Subscribers in Less Than a Year (Video + Transcript) YouTube Resources and Links 

STEP 1: Pick a Niche/Keyword For Your YouTube Channel The Power of a Niche (Video + Transcript) Reverse Engineer Your Keywords How to Name Your Channel IN ACTION: Picking a Niche How to Create Your Channel (Video + Transcript) Niche/Keyword Research Worksheet (PDF)

STEP 2: Plan Your Channel for Growth Research Your Niche (Video + Transcript) Pick the Best Format For Your Niche Know Your Purpose IN ACTION: Planning a Channel Channel Research Worksheet (PDF) 

STEP 3: Create Videos that Attract and Resonate Your First Video (Video + Transcript) How to Make Videos People Enjoy Video File Formats, Filenames, Captions, and More! How to Make Your First Simple Video (Text + Script) How to Upload Your Videos (Video + Transcript) IN ACTION: Creating Videos for the JenniferMaker Channel  

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Answers to Your Questions About YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start:

A: Do you feel like YouTube (and your YouTube course) works better for some niches than others? I can see where crafts are a natural fit. But something less visual like seems harder (although I know there are successful parenting YouTubers so...)

Q: I used to think YouTube was dumb (sorry, YouTube). I never went there for videos about crafts. I thought for SURE it was a bad idea. Who wanted to watch a video when you could follow steps on a blog, at your own pace, and not put up with chit chat and weird stuff made by Sally the Crafty Lady?  

But I noticed there were successful crafter YouTubers so...  

(I STILL prefer to look at craft blog posts over craft videos. But that's not most people, apparently.) 

I see success in TONS of niches. The key is to find the right niche within what you're currently blogging about. 

Q: I enrolled in (and loved) your Camera Ready course. Is this the same thing?

A: Nope, this is a totally new and different course. Camera Ready was about creating good-looking face-forward videos that help you feel confident and "camera ready." YouTube TakeOff is about creating a channel with growth potential. (I do feel the two courses go hand-in-hand, though, which is why Camera Ready is a bonus!)

Q: Is YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start everything you know about YouTube, or is there a Master Course coming?

A: This Quick-Start course is the first three critical steps to creating a YouTube channel with growth potential, but it's not everything I know about YouTube. That will be in my Master Course, which is not yet done. But anyone enrolled in the Quick-Start course can later upgrade to the Master Course without having to pay extra for having been in the Quick-Start (there will be a coupon for whatever you paid to enroll initially so it's an easy upgrade).

Q: I was in your YouTube TakeOff Workshop this summer. Is this the same thing? 

A: Nope, this course is a totally new and different thing! That was a one-hour live session, a quick overview of what I think works best on YouTube. This is a step-by-step course with videos, transcripts, worksheets, and action steps.

Q: Is this course any good for someone who only wants to do YouTube and skip the blog?  

A: Yes and no. It will help you create a channel with growth potential BUT you'll be missing out on the synergistic effects of already having a platform to promote your videos to. I did not create my channel in a vacuum -- I promoted it to my existing audience, boosting every new video. I recommend this course for those who have an audience of at least 100 daily visitors, which be a blog or social media channel. If you don't have this yet, work on building that platform first.

"Jennifer is a delight to learn from - she knows her stuff, and she shares so much value with you in her courses - it's amazing they don't cost twice the price!" 

Lois - Live Nourished

"Jennifer is an awesome teacher! I've taken several online classes, and she is by far one of the best I've learned from. Not only is she thorough, but she is clear, easy to follow, and anticipates questions beautifully. Her combination of video and written instructions is a win for all learning styles, which is a bonus. She's also fun!" 

Lisa Yvonne - Graceful Abandon

"Jennifer is the first teacher I've met in years that puts her students first. She gives excellent instructions, answers all questions, and lends a hand when you're stuck! I've never had a more pleasant or effective learning experience." 

Michelle Darby - Penny Recipe

Kelli Duncan

"I am so thankful I found Jennifer's course! I trust her information and love how thorough she is! She is a great teacher and a lot of fun to watch! Her additional mentoring and care for her students is absolutely priceless! I can not wait to learn more from her!"  

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