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Pinterest Launch Plan

Struggling with Pinterest? Not even sure where to start? This proven, step-by-step strategy can help you drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest!

Get the Pinterest Launch Plan for just $27 NOW!

The Pinterest Launch Plan System

Discover how to setup and strengthen your Pinterest account for success, launch your pins intentionally on it, and drive traffic to your blog!

When my blogging friends heard about my success with Pinterest, they asked me to tell them about my personal Pinterest strategy. I told them what I knew, I did videos, and I offered tips. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I've shared Pinterest tips many times via my free newsletter and in my free Facebook group.  

But, like most things, it's not so simple. It's hard to communicate a complete picture over Facebook posts and live videos.  

And while I get great traffic from Pinterest (currently 35% of my 700k/month traffic), I wondered if my strategy work for others. Instead of just wondering if my personal strategy for Pinterest worked for any other blog, I tested it. I created a brand new blog and a brand new Pinterest account. It had NOTHING to do with my current blog -- totally different topic. And I applied my strategy to it.  

This is what the traffic to the new, 28-day-old blog from the new Pinterest account looked like after 28 days:  

This wildly exceeded my expectations. I was hoping for a general trend upward, yes, but was really surprised by these results. But the numbers didn't lie. No one knew about the blog or the account but me, and I'd exempted my IP address from the Google analytics -- so all this traffic was SOLELY from Pinterest.  

I abandoned that test blog after the experiment. No more new posts or pinning activity. And the blog itself was sub-par, having only been set up to experiment with -- it is on a slow server, without an SSL certificate, and without any on-page optimization. It's traffic SHOULD be almost nothing, as it is a dead blog. And yet, it's not — because I launched its posts properly to Pinterest and got them well established. This is what that defunct blog's traffic looks like nearly one year later thanks to the Pinterest Launch Plan

If I can get continue to get Pinterest traffic to a dead blog, imagine what you can do with an active blog!

You may also be curious about my OWN Pinterest traffic to my DIY & craft blog. Here's a graph of my entire traffic over the lifetime of my Pinterest account (started in October 2016). While others are having issues with Pinterest traffic falling, my traffic just keeps growing. (Those spikes were virals -- easy come, easy go!)

It's important to note that I don't consider myself a Pinterest rockstar. I know bloggers who get FAR more traffic from Pinterest than I do (I get most of my traffic from SEO). And yet I am very pleased with my Pinterest traffic and it contributes significantly toward my six-figure blog income.

But what I DO have is a strategy that works and does not rely on viral pins for traffic. Rather than most of my Pinterest traffic coming from just a few pins, my traffic is spread out over many pins. One dozen strong pins account for just 50% of my Pinterest traffic, and the other 50% of my Pinterest traffic is spread out over the rest of my 250 posts. This is GOOD because it allows me to weather the normal ups and downs of Pinterest better. My Pinterest traffic is much more consistent.



“Jennifer’s Pinterest Launch Plan is the real deal! I had been trying to increase my website traffic through Pinterest for a few months but didn’t really have a tactical plan for making it happen. After seeing zero improvements in my pageviews, I started looking for another option.

I saw Jennifer’s Pinterest Launch Plan in the EBA group and her “Great Pinterest Experiment” seemed legit, but I wasn’t sure if I would have similar growth results not being in the same niche as she was for her experiment.  

I ended up taking the plunge and purchasing her workbook because the cost would end up being pennies compared to the money I could potentially make from increasing pageviews and subscribers.  

I am a rule follower by nature so having Jennifer give me step by step instructions was exactly what I needed. I did everything she said to do, every single day, without fail.  

In just three months my pageviews had grown from 3,000 to 40,000!! I gained 1,000+ subscribers in two months and got accepted with Mediavine.

Rachel's Pinterest Stats

What I love most about the Pinterest Launch Plan is none of what Jennifer says is overly complicated. The steps you need to take are simple and easy to follow. If you implement the Pinterest Launch Plan, you will see results!"  

-- Rachel,

What's in the Pinterest Launch Plan?

The Pinterest Launch Plan teaches you how to setup, strengthen, and set a course for success on Pinterest. This is a set of 10 steps to teach you how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog. Inside you'll find the following tools:  

  • The Pinterest Launch Plan e-book (an 101-page formatted e-book in PDF format)
  • All data from my Great Pinterest Experiment, which took a brand new blog up to 773 sessions/day in Pinterest traffic in under one month.
  • Optional videos that show you how to setup an account, create strong boards with strong pins, find group boards that will work for you, and use Tailwind with my system
  • Access to a Google sheet for tracking your progress, pins, and launch plans
  • Printable worksheets if you prefer to work offline  

The Product Launch Plan is the core of my personal strategy on Pinterest, which helped me launch my own blog and continues to drive traffic, subscribers, and sales. I am expecting to make my first $100k/month income goal in March 2019.

The e-book covers the 10 steps I feel are important to getting traffic from Pinterest, from starting (or strengthening) an account to creating a daily schedule that works for you. The real meat is my focus on Pinterest SEO and keywords and the way I personally launch a new pin to the world.  

I also share all of the research and data I collected from my Pinterest experiment. Yes, charts and spreadsheet data, for those of you who like numbers. And as I JUST did it, this is really fresh information.  

“"You can't go wrong with any of Jennifer's courses! I had been using Pinterest for a while, but I felt like I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something would stick. I was pinning regularly, but just couldn't seem to gain any traction.  

I purchased her workbook after following her "Great Pinterest Experiment" and being amazed by her results. Jennifer's Pinterest Launch Plan guide is clear, detailed and easy to follow. Her instructions on keywords and using Tailwind were invaluable to me.  

Jennifer is an involved and generous teacher and cares about the success of people who buy her courses.  

When I started the Pinterest Launch Plan I was lucky to get 1,400 sessions/month. Just a few months later, my traffic from Pinterest was enough to get me approved for Mediavine and is continuing to grow. If you're willing to follow a few simple steps consistently, you will get tons of value from this course.”

Carolyn Simmons -

Carolyn SImmons
Carolyn Simmons Stats

“Jennifer, I've implemented all the things we talked about for Pinterest and my traffic has doubled, and some days tripled. It's now outpacing my organic traffic, which hasn't happened in at least a year and a half. Thanks for all your help! ”

Corinne Roth -

Corrine Roth

A Solid and Proven Research-Based Strategy

Everything I teach in my Pinterest Launch Plan is based on solid research, information and data learned directly from Pinterest either through its webinars or articles, and personal experience. 

I want to stress, however, that when Pinterest says to do something that does NOT agree with my experience, I will not recommend you do it. My strategy does not violate Pinterest's terms of service or community guidelines, but neither does it regurgitate the company line either. This is a strategy based on real-world experience and research, which doesn't always line up with what Pinterest itself may say.

My strategy can be accomplished without the use of any schedulers, but I also include information on how you can incorporate Pinterest-approved schedulers if you wish.  

Natasha Nicole

"The Pinterest Launch Plan is amazing. Two months ago when I began it, I had like 300 followers and I'm going to hit 900 soon so I tripled my followers, increased everything else and it is growing so much faster than it did before." 

Natasha Nicole,

Her followers are now more than 7x what they were!

Why is the price so low?

First, this isn't a full course — it's an e-book. Yes, there are some bonus videos and I will answer questions in my Facebook group, but it's intended to be a set of easy-to-understand steps that you can apply right away.

Second, I wanted this strategy to be affordable to new bloggers. Most new bloggers get the vast majority of their traffic during their first year from Pinterest so it's imperative that they use and understand it to its fullest potential. I don't ever recommend a new blogger spend more than they can afford.

That said, I am thinking of changing things a bit. With such a low price, it's easy to buy and never implement ... and that does NOT help you. The truth is that a higher price WILL force people to value it and the information in it higher, and you'd be more likely to put it into practice.

My future plans for the Pinterest Launch Plan system are to keep the e-book affordable for new bloggers, but create value-added tiers on top of the e-book — things like videos, assignments, a private Facebook group — to help those who need more help and can afford it. The bad news is I don't have them available now. Busy blogger is busy! The good news is that I will keep updating this e-book as I move forward and you'll keep access to it, no matter how much it expands. And owners of the e-book will have first access to any new support or value-added tiers I add on to the system.

So, in a nutshell, this price is a steal and it's a great time to get it!

“I'm barely scratching the surface of the Pinterest Launch Plan and my sessions are up 34%. Can I just tell you I have paid waaaaaaay more for a Pinterest course that was not nearly as actionable or helpful? Jennifer Maker Marx you truly have a gift and i am so blessed to know you! " 

Brandi Kay,


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Just a Rehash of Other Information Out There?

Yes and no. Some information is just going to be in ANY good strategy. I cover the basics that are essential, BUT I also tell you how I do things ... and it's not the way I see others do it. You'll have to be the judge here.  

Are Schedulers Necessary For This Strategy?

No. Use them or lose them. Your choice. If you want to use Tailwind, I do provide information on how to use it with my strategy.  

How Much Time Do I Need to Implement It?

This is NOT a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. You'll need some time each day to pin from your blog and from Pinterest. It's not a LOT of time. You can do it in less than 30 minutes per day. And if you use a scheduler, significantly less.

Do I Have to Buy Anything Else?

No. I do however make recommendations for things I use and find valuable in helping me rock Pinterest, however, such as Canva, Tailwind, stock photography, and an SSL certificate on your blog.  

Do You Keep This Information Updated?

Yes, I keep The Pinterest Launch Plan e-book updated as I learn about new changes, at least every few months. The last update was March 2019. Future versions of the e-book are free to those who purchase it. 

Is This Really Any Good?

You'll have to decide for yourself. Here's what my fellow bloggers have said about my strategy -- the vast majority posted these things without my asking first! 

"Jennifer, I just wanted to say that I have been following your experiment and trying some of the things you are. It was a lot of work, but here are my latest pageviews. I usually averaged 20 views a day. There were some good days but never like this. So thank you!" -- Dionne Myrhe of  

"You are an excellent teacher. Even though I have been devouring Pinterest information (and I've been a Pinner for years), I learned a lot from the plan. The plan is clear, complete, actionable, and includes up-to-date information. Importantly, you've stated the limitations of your information." -- Ksenia Barton  

"If you haven't already taken Jennifer's Pinterest Launch Plan, DO IT." — Brittany Wise,  

""If you haven't already taken Jennifer's Pinterest Launch Plan, follow this book. I am only 1/3 of the way through and seeing results. I have been trying for months and in one week I have 5 new subscribers. It doesn't sound like much but it is more than the one I had (my best friend was my only subscriber). Seriously, get it, follow it, you wont regret it." -- Lisa Drew  

"The Pinterest Launch is incredible. I can't believe I didn't start it sooner. THANK YOU SO much for creating these courses and for all your help. This is giving me so much encouragement to keep going." -- Maira Vial,  

"If you need any excuse to purchase Jennifer’s Pinterest Launch Plan, here are 220 of them 🤣 I’ve been blogging for over a year and I’ve been pulling my hair out with Pinterest. One week after reading Jennifer’s ebook and I finally feel like I know what I’m doing. The best $27 I have ever spent. Thank you Jennifer!! --Jenna D'Ambrosio Campbell,  

"Jennifer Maker Marx, thank you for the ebook! I redid my website (cleaned it up), then used my Google analytics and redid a few graphics for my top views since I started 4 months ago. One article has taken off in Pinterest. Since the new graphic, it has had 315 views, where 189 of those were yesterday alone! My site hit 288 views yesterday which was 10x normal. Thank you! 90% of the views were all from Pinterest. " -- Jacquie Ellis,  

"The Pinterest Launch Plan is working so well for me. Thanks Jennifer!! Everything is going up!" -- Tanya Raedeke 

Brandi Mahon

"I purchased the Pinterest Launch Book on June 28th and started implementing the strategies the next day.... so I have over 30 days in using the strategy now. In June 34.26% of traffic came from Pinterest (#2 referral source). By July, 50.92 % of traffic came from Pinterest (#1 referral source). In sessions, that is a 300% increase from June to July, and in pageviews it is a 236% increase. So thought I would share this with everyone, especially those who have not invested the $27 on this book. So hopefully the above stats are enough to let folks know that whatever the magic is.... it seems to be working." 

Brandi Mahon -

Brandi's Pinterest Traffic

More answers to your questions...

Does it work for my niche?

Yes, IF your niche is something people are actually seeking answers for in Pinterest. To find out, go to Pinterest and search on keywords in your niche. 

Can I do this while I do Elite Blog Academy?

Yes, but I recommend you wait until you get to Unit 6 and use this strategy for your deep-dive assignment.

What if I am busy and can't start right away?  

You can buy the e-book now and start it when you DO have time or are ready for it. But you really need to actually read and implement it -- not just say you will one day.

How long do I have access to the e-book?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this e-book for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the e-book?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will give you a full refund. 

Kelli Duncan

"I am so thankful I found Jennifer! I trust her information and love how thorough she is! She is a great teacher and a lot of fun to watch! Her additional mentoring and care for her students is absolutely priceless! I can not wait to learn more from her!"  

Kelli Duncan - Kelli C. Photography