SVGs Made Simple: How to Upload SVG Cut Files

How to Upload Amazing Designs on Mac, Windows, and iPad/iPhone to Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Brother Canvas WorkSpace, Sure Cuts a Lot, Leonardo Design Studio, and Glowforge!

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Video 1: How to Find and Download SVG Cut Files

Video 2: How to Upload SVG Cut Files to Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio

Video 3: How to Prepare and Modify SVG Cut Files (Group, Ungroup. Score, & More)

Discover how to bring your visions to life and make designs you can share and sell.

Do you spend too much time searching for just the right design or cut file for your project? Do you have to compromise on what you want just to make something. Or, worse yet, do you refuse to settle and never finish that project?  

What if, instead, you could design whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted?  

Imagine how it will feel to finally make precisely what you envision, just the way you want, without compromise. Imagine having the know-how to impress everyone, even yourself, with what you can create. Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you... all committed to designing beautiful things that they can upload, share with others, and even sell.  

I cracked the code on creating SVG cut files to make gorgeous projects that have been shared over 35 million times. My files even got the attention of a book publisher, who just two months after I learned to do this, offered me a book deal. My crafting projects, my blog, and my entire life, have been forever changed by my ability to design SVG cut files.