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New Cricut Cutting Machine Mini Course

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This friendly mini-course walks you through the entire process of setting up, registering, and making your first cuts. In one week or less you will:

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  • Creat your first project step by step with me!
  • Understand your mats, blades, accessories, tools, and more
  • Learn how to store your materials and tools for easy access
  • Get my secrets for Cricut success
  • Find great & easy projects with big impact!
  • Dive into Cricut Design Space to get up and running in no time.

I teach you all about the materials and things you can make on your Cricut, how all the mats, blades, accessories, and tools work together (and when to use which one), and how to store all of your tools and supplies.  

I also share my personal Cricut strategies for success and delve into Cricut Design Space so you can create ALL THE THINGS.

Step by Step Guide to LOVE YOUR CRICUT

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