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The List-Building for Bloggers Master Course

Discover how to REALLY build your mailing list, nurture your subscribers, and catapult your blog to success!

Are you struggling to build your mailing list? Do you spend too much time on list-building techniques that are just not working for your blog? Are you unsure how to nurture the subscribers you do have? Or, worse yet, are you afraid to "bug" your subscribers and never even email them?

What if, instead, you could build an awesome mailing list, connect with your readers, and earn an income from your efforts?

Imagine how it will feel to turn your blog into a mailing list machine, getting subscribers as you sleep. Imagine being able to reach YOUR readers anytime, without worrying about Facebook algorithms, SEO rankings, or Pinterest updates. Imagine being able to monetize your mailing list and your blog... all while providing your readers with things they love.  

I cracked the code on turning visitors into subscribers to build a mailing list from 0-10,000 subscribers in under 6 months on a new blog. This allowed me to earn a full-time income only nine months after I started my mailing list. I attribute over $24,000 of the income I earned in 2017 (my first full year of blogging) to my powerful mailing list. Just three years after starting my blog, I am now a seven-figure blogger ... and I attribute this to the power of my mailing list!

Here's what my first year's growth looks like (each bar indicates the total number of new signups per month):

ConvertKit Stats

I'm now at nearly 80,000 subscribers and my mailing list isn't even quite two years old yet. The income I generated in 2018 from my mailing list is well into the six figures! My blog and my entire life have been forever changed by my ability to build a mailing list and nurture my subscribers. 

Here's what my second year's list growth looks like:

Here's the big picture chart showing how my list has grown from January 2017 to September 2019:


“I was slowly growing my list since I started my blog in 2016 but it was pretty slow and sporadic. I started List Love not knowing what to really expect. Jennifer was using craft templates and tutorials as her blog's opt-ins and I didn’t know if that would translate to my niche of starting a business. I am so glad I took the chance! Not only is Jennifer an excellent teacher but her technique translates to any niche. With the help of List Love, I have quadrupled my list in the last four months [from 1000 to 4000 subscribers] and it is growing every day!”

Emma Bates -

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“List Love is a very helpful course and I enjoyed it a lot! I started implementing it on October 1st and now, 4 months later, I have already almost doubled my main email list! And I'm so happy about this!  

The strategies recommended by Jennifer are easy to put into practice and effective. What I loved most about this course was the support that Jennifer has provided to all her students. She is a wonderful teacher and I appreciated the way she was committed to helping us implement the course and getting great results. I would recommend this course to any blogger who wants to focus on building a great mailing list.  

Thank you, Jennifer, for creating this course and helping me find the best strategy for growing my email list!

Raluca Loteanu -

Learn from someone who has been where you are.

I created the LIST LOVE master course because I’ve been where you are. So let me tell you my story. I started my DIY & Craft Blog ( in October 2016. My first three months of blogging were a long, slow slog. I struggled to get posts out because it seemed like there was SO much to do—research ideas, photograph projects, edit photos, write posts, make promotional images, actually promote my posts. Ugh! Sometimes I wasn't sure what to even write about, and it was so hard to get people to visit my blog. I was doing ALL THE THINGS, but my growth was really, really slow.  

Because I was so frustrated, I began learning everything I could about blogging. I kept coming across advice about how my blog should have a mailing list. At first, I thought it was just yet one more thing I had to do, and it was overwhelming to even think about. But I kept reading it, over and over, from bloggers who had "made it." 

So at the end of that third month (January 2017), I began my mailing list. And I immediately began learning HOW to build a mailing list, because it's not as simple as slapping up a "subscribe to me" form on your blog. (Tried that, didn't work.) I researched, tested, and experimented. When I found something that worked, I did more and more of it. I continuously refined and focused until I had my own little formula that was working!

Within six months, I had built my mailing list to 10,000 subscribers!

Soon after this, I developed and launched my first product, a crafters' design course for my DIY & Craft Blog. I promoted my course to my mailing list, and only my mailing list, as a test. It was my first launch and I admit I was a little nervous! But the launch to my mailing list, which was now 13,000 subscribers strong, was a huge success and I earned over $12,000 just from that launch ... all thanks to my mailing list. Without that list, I probably would have been lucky to make a few hundred bucks and wasted a whole lot of effort.

By the end of my first full year of blogging, I calculated that my mailing list (which was at that point more than 20,000 subscribers) had earned me $24,548 through it's power to promote my products, my affiliates, and my blog itself.

Amazing. I still am pinching myself.  

But the real joy here for me, is not the money. It’s that now, because I learned how to turn my readers into subscribers, I now have an AMAZING community of people around me. I can ask them any question and they'll respond. I can start a Facebook group and they'll come join me. I can issue a challenge and they'll rise to it! They can make nearly any endeavor successful because there are so many and they are so engaged. And that is a feeling like none other.  

You can do this, too. And I can show you how.  

"Jennifer’s list building strategy was different than any I had learned about before. It just made so much sense! I implemented her strategies and 3 months after launching my site I was close to my first thousand subscribers, averaging 15-25 new sign-ups per day on minimal traffic!”

Jennifer has nailed my style of learning. I need actionable steps and I need them in order. Without knowing what I need to conquer first, I get lost and overwhelmed. Not only has she mastered the step-by-step approach to teaching but she also offers a personal approach. I love knowing that I can ask any question, at any time, and get an answer. She is obviously committed to the success of her students; it shows with everything she does!"

Kara Fidd - Simplifying DIY Design

Update: Kara is doing so well with the LIST LOVE method that she wrote an awesome article about her progress and the course -- read it at

Kara Fidd

This step-by-step course teaches you everything you need to know to create, build, and nurture a mailing list for your blog.

The LIST LOVE Master Course is packed with actionable techniques and hands-on projects that teach you how to build and nurture a mailing list by making things your readers will love!  

Just imagine...  

  • How amazing it will be to create things your reader will truly love and appreciate.
  • How wonderful it will be to build an audience you can reach anytime you want!
  • How exciting it will be when you can monetize your blog by leveraging the power of your mailing list.

This comprehensive and powerful course includes 10 units, over two hours of video, 60+ lessons, and 10 assignments designed to get you results in much less time and with far less frustration than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

Take a Peek at the Course Curriculum

Pre-Step: Love Your List Why a List is SO Important and How It Can ROCK Your World!

  • Why do you need a list? 
  • 16 Sweet Facts About Email Marketing 
  • Methods of List Building 
  • My List-Building Technique: What I Do and Don't Do  

Hands-On Assignment: Preparing for Changes

Step 1: Make Freebies They'll Love! Creating Your First Freebie

  • What Makes a Great Freebie 
  • What Do Your Readers REALLY Want? 
  • Pick a Freebie For Your Niche 
  • How to Make a Freebie in Google Docs, Canva, InDesign, or with a Designer  

Hands-On Assignment 1: Make a Freebie They'll Love!

Step 2: Open Your Resource Library Making It Better For Your Readers

  • How to Create a Password-Protected Library Without Plugins
  • Uploading Your Freebie Files
  • Formatting Your Resource Library 
  • Make it Easy to Find Your Library  

Hands-On Assignment 2: Create Your Free Resource Library

Step 3: Tailor Your Blog Posts Funnel Them To Your Freebies

  • How Your Post Must Relate to Your Freebie 
  • How to Lead Readers to Your Freebie In a Post 
  • Tips for Creating Posts That Get Clicks 
  • Create a Highlight Box to Get Attention to Your Freebie  

Hands-On Assignment 3: Write a Blog Post Tailored to Your Freebie

Step 4: Build Opt-In Forms Leading Readers to Subscribe

  • How to Setup your ESP for Your Resource Library
  • How to Create a Simple Form
  • How to Embed a Form  

Hands-On Assignment 4: Build a Form and Embed It in Your Post

Step 5: Share the Password Sending It Immediately and Generously 

  • Sending the Password Immediately Upon Signup 
  • Reminding Subscribers Onscreen 
  • Sharing the Password with Every Email  

Hands-On Project 6: Setup Your ESP to Share Your Password

Step 6: Publish and Promote Your Blog Post Promoting With Subscribers in Mind 

  • Test Your Form and Freebie 
  • How and Why to Promote 
  • Facebook Group Promotion for Freebies  

Hands-On Assignment 6: Publish and Promote Your Tailored Post

Step 7: Welcome Your New Subscribers Warming Up Your Audience 

  • Craft Your Welcome Sequence of Emails 
  • Swipe My Sequence 
  • Ideas for Sequence Content 
  • How to Setup Your Welcome Sequence  

Hands-On Assignment 7: Create and Start Your Welcome Sequence

Step 8: Send Your Love to Your List Communicating Consistently 

  • Why (and How) to Write Your People Love Letters
  • How Often to Write Your People
  • Help! What Do I Put in My Letters? 
  • Create an Email Calendar With Topics 
  • Best Practices for Newsletters  

Hands-On Assignment 6: Publish and Promote Your Tailored Post

Step 9: Personalizing and Segmenting Speaking To Your Readers Needs

  • When and How to Use First Names
  • Other Ways to Personalize Emails
  • How to Segment an Unsegmented List  

Hands-On Assignment 9: Start Segmenting

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“The depth of information you will find in Jennifer's courses is beyond comparison! Jennifer is easy to listen to, very professional, and has a teaching style that makes anyone feel like they can learn! I've taken many courses and this is the first one that feels like everything is spelled out for me in an easy to understand format. She makes learning enjoyable and effective!”

Amber Fox - All Natural Joy


The private Facebook group is where you can continue learning about list building and nurturing, and ask questions of me and other group members at ANY TIME! Plus, you'll also get...

Facebook Live Sessions

Join me for Facebook LIVE sessions where I answer common questions & share new tips and tricks I have discovered. 

Bonus Sections

Four extra bonuses are included in the master course:

  • List Building with Email Challenges and Mini Courses
  • List Building with Facebook Group Join Requests
  • Monetizing Your Mailing List with Tripwires
  • Monetizing with Amazon Prime Day

Answers to Questions, Support, and Video Training

I am present and accessible in the Facebook group on a regular basis to answer your questions, provide support, and share additional training videos, tutorials, and files.

"I have been blessed to take some incredible blogging courses but out of all of them, List Love has been my favorite. Jennifer Maker is a gifted teacher and has the ability to break things down in practical steps to help you understand and implement practical ways to help you build your email list. She practices what she teaches and it has been fascinating and encouraging to watch her soar. I learned so much more in this course than just building my email list and it has helped me to get past some of my biggest blogging hurdles. She is so generous in sharing all her secrets and supporting her students with answers to questions as well as cheering them on to success. Any course she offers... I'm all in!!!"  

Laura Mapstead - Natural Healing Hope

Watch Jennifer teach you how to evaluate the various list building techniques and find out which ones are working for other bloggers!

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"Jennifer is a delight to learn from - she knows her stuff, and she shares so much value with you in her courses - it's amazing they don't cost twice the price!" 

Lois - Live Nourished

"Jennifer is an awesome teacher! I've taken several online classes, and she is by far one of the best I've learned from. Not only is she thorough, but she is clear, easy to follow, and anticipates questions beautifully. Her combination of video and written instructions is a win for all learning styles, which is a bonus. She's also fun!" 

Lisa Yvonne - Graceful Abandon

"Jennifer is the first teacher I've met in years that puts her students first. She gives excellent instructions, answers all questions, and lends a hand when you're stuck! I've never had a more pleasant or effective learning experience." 

Michelle Darby - Penny Recipe

Answers to Your Questions

What is required to take this course?

  • A self-hosted WordPress blog and admin privileges to it
  • A way to create PDFs (there are free ways, like Canva and Google Docs -- I show you how in the course)
  • An account with a modern, transactional Email Service Provider, such as ConvertKit* (my course students have also successfully used MailerLite, MadMimi, ActiveCampaign, and Drip—I do NOT recommend MailChimp).  

* Because I use ConvertKit to grow my mailing list, be aware that most of the technical lessons are depicted with ConvertKit. If you do not yet have an Email Service Provider, a 30-day free trial for ConvertKit is included in the course. 

When does the course begin? Can I go at my own pace?

The course is available immediately upon enrolling. This is a self-paced course that you can access at any time you wish, re-visit whenever you want, re-play videos on demand, and re-download files as needed.

What if I am busy and can't start right away?  

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Enroll now to secure your spot.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will give you a full refund. 

Do you offer any coupons?

Yes, there is a $50 coupon automatically attached to the links on THIS special page!

Can you really teach me how to build my mailing list?

I will certainly do everything in my power to help! I am very patient when teaching and quite experienced at teaching a wide variety of levels of students. I have been teaching people online since 1996.

Still not sure? I get it! 

Fill out the form to the right and I'll keep you on my list so you get updates on my course.

You can also email me any questions at!

Kelli Duncan

"I am so thankful I found Jennifer's course! I trust her information and love how thorough she is! She is a great teacher and a lot of fun to watch! Her additional mentoring and care for her students is absolutely priceless! I can not wait to learn more from her!"  

Kelli Duncan - Kelli C. Photography