Ads Manager for JenniferMaker

Please Note: Applications are now open, but may close without notice if we receive too many. If you are interested in this position, act quickly.

Who I'm Looking For

Do you love helping people? Do you have experience in the world of online advertising? Do you enjoy optimizing for the best results? Are you familiar with crafting and Cricut?

I might just have the perfect role for you!  

We are looking for a full-time hourly employee to help us at JenniferMaker as our Ads Manager.

This position is accountable for ad creation and ad performance.

You will be an expert at creating advertisements with content that shares the JenniferMaker story and vision, promotes our brand, and makes an impact across many different digital platforms. The ideal candidate will be experienced with developing and implementing online advertising strategies, as well as familiar with both crafting and the JenniferMaker brand.

The person who is right for this position has experience writing online ads for various advertising mediums (like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Pinterest) and monitoring their performance for optimal results.

This position involves a combination of optimization, creativity, attention to detail, and follow-through, and it has high expectations for meeting deadlines.

Position Details

Status: Hourly employee (not a contractor position)

Hours: 35-40 per week; flexibility and ability to pivot is a must.

Pay: $23.00 - $26.00 per hour

Special Note: As a JenniferMaker employee, you will not be able to engage in any outside activity that could be construed as a conflict of interest, such as running or working on your own or someone else's blog or crafting business.

Who is Jennifer

I am a very hard worker who is committed to excellence and impatient with inactivity. I am kind but driven. My Myer-Briggs personality type is Mediator (INFP-T) or Diplomat (INFJ-T), depending on when I take it. I appear organized and I get things done, but I do not schedule my time in a traditional way. These are my top five strengths:

Things You Should Know About Me Before You Consider Applying

I'm one of those "march to the beat of a different drummer" creative types. I dislike set schedules, meetings, and appointments. I vastly prefer to chat in texts, FB messenger, and email, and I avoid voice calls. I like to experiment with my blog, FB groups, and mailing lists, and am likely to make changes without much warning. I like to deep dive into things, whether it's product creation or home renovation projects for my blog, and I will hyper focus on it for several days. I have specific core values that matter to me and my team. I treat others as I want to be treated which means I won't be micro managing you nor offering a lot of feedback if you're doing the job right. I am fiercely independent and cherish my freedom. My ideal day is one without any meetings or set activities, where I can just work on my One Thing and then various projects as I am inspired to do so. If you are the type of person who needs constant contact and feedback from me, you won't be happy working with me. All that said, you will be reporting directly to my Acting Marketing Director (Lori), not me, for this role and she's awesome at providing feedback!


  • Create, write, edit, and publish ads for products, events, and more.
  • Define and oversee creatives in both still image and video format (you do not have to create these yourself as we have other team members who can make them with detailed directions from you).
  • Analyze market research about target audiences and define audiences that work for our brand.
  • Develop, implement, monitor, and adjust advertising strategies that yield net positive results. ROAS is monitored closely and critical to success.
  • Ensure that creatives are created and ads are published on time and within budget.
  • Deliver comprehensive advertising solutions to drive growth or meet predefined success metrics.
  • Works across multiple advertising platforms, both existing and upcoming.
  • Stays on top of advertising changes and continues education into effective campaign strategies.
  • Follows all advertising platform guidelines and rules to maintain our good standing with them.
  • Follows JenniferMaker brand guidelines to ensure the messaging is consistent with company guidelines/value/mission.
  • Understands that copyrights and ownership for creatives made for the JenniferMaker brand belong to the brand.
  • Understands and uses the JenniferMaker products and projects so you can create effective advertising campaigns for them.
  • Effectively communicates with the team and meets with us weekly on Zoom video chats.
  • Has the best interest of the JenniferMaker brand in mind.
  • Helps me look good to my readers and customers.
  • Works with minimal supervision.

Things You've Done in the Past

2 years of direct digital advertising experience. This experience must have included creating, editing, and publishing ads across various online advertising platforms, including Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ads.

Experience setting and analyzing advertising metrics, including using the information to ensure the advertising strategy is achieving its goals.

Experience using Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

Knowledge and understanding of crafting.

Preference may be given to candidates who have successfully completed college level marketing or communications classes.

Preference may be given to candidates possessing prior project management experience.

Worked as part of a team from home.

Worked with G Suite and Facebook (pages, groups, and ads)

Crafted simple things (and not afraid to work with your hands or with technology)

Things I'd Love For You to Know (optional, not required)



Note: I'd just like familiarity, not expertise, with how to generally use these tools. If you don't have it but are willing to learn, great!

This Position is NOT For a Person Who:

Already has a job and is not willing to leave it for ours

Already has a lot going on and doesn't have the time and focus to do a quality job

Isn't interested in providing excellent customer service, growing, and learning

Wants to be front and center, rather than working in the background

Is not willing to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement

Is unwilling to go the extra step to make our brand look good to our readers and customers, and to reflect our core values

Needs immediate supervision, firm structure, and frequent feedback

Will take customer problems or complaints personally

Has unreliable Internet or computer access (you must have your own Mac or Windows desktop or laptop for this position -- ChromeBooks and tablets will not get the job done)

Wants to learn how to blog or run a business from Jennifer. As an employee, you will not be able to have your own blog or craft-related business, as that would be a conflict of interest and split your focus. This position requires 100% focus on growing the JenniferMaker brand and community.

This Position IS For a Person Who:

Is proficient in Facebook Ad Manager.

Is able to independently plan and execute advertising strategies and campaigns.

Is able to analyze data and quickly adjust advertising strategies accordingly.

Is able to generate effective and on-brand creatives and ad copy.

Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Has excellent follow-through with the ability to meet deadlines.

Works smarter.

Loves to rise above and offer solutions.

Is real and "Jenuine."

Expects and strives for excellence always.

Is driven to grow.

Knows our word is our bond.

Is compassionate.

Has a great feel for the JenniferMaker brand and what our people want from it.

Is resourceful.

Takes the initiative and doesn’t need to have their hand held.

Has a great attention to detail and brand quality.

Is highly organized but moves quickly.

Takes ownership and pride in your work.

Is not afraid of new challenges.

Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.

Adapts very well to changes on-the-go.

Is technology savvy but is willing to ask for help if needed.

Can handle direct feedback without getting their feelings hurt.

Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying focused and collected.

Is willing and able to complete training and learn new systems 

Someone who is able to work on the weekends and holidays.

Why Should I Be Interested in This Job?

You’ll get to work in a fun business that helps change and improve people’s lives through their handmade creations.

You’ll get to work with an awesome team of people who make things happen!

You will have the resources you need to do your job well.  

You will get answers to any and all questions you have.

You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to work from wherever.

You’ll be paid to do the things you already love and rock.

Why This Job is Important

This position will involve working closely with our Marketing Director and various department managers to ensure that our ads are performing, sharing the JenniferMaker story and vision, and promoting our brand.

You will be responsible for reaching new audiences and engaging every person in our community -- all our readers, members, partners, and students. 

Brand quality and making everything work seamlessly is the foundation to our expansion and growth long term.

Apply Here

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